Top 3 Things to Innovate The Future of Sneakers

As far as sneakers have existed, there has always been endless innovation. From the PF Flyer’s Magic Wedge to the adidas 3d shoes, these models prove that shoe designers are pushing the limits of footwear. Shoes are now, more than ever, being recreated to meet specific needs of the consumer and Sneakerheads alike. From crazy new colorways to exciting tech innovations, here are our top 3 things to look for in the future of sneaker culture.

Tech for the Hype

Check out some of the new enhancements for understanding how technology will lead the way for increased hype in the shoe marketplace.


As stated above, adidas has changes the game with their advancement in sneaker tech. The Boost technology by adidas in 2013 pushed the innovation of midsole technologies like never before. With its custom bead-like texture, the design has been rated one of the most comfortable shoes ever! Though, designed for running, the Boost technology has quickly become popular in the working class for it’s comfort and sneakerheads for its style.

4D Futurecraft

In the future, there are plans to push the traditional boundaries on technologies like the Boost. Adidas recently made plans to create more shoes with their 4D printed Futurecraft technology. Created with a 3d printer, this feature was designed to maximize runner’s energy during runs and look pretty sweet!

Crazy New Colorways

Since the beginning, shoes have been customized to show personality of its owner. With NBA stars like Kyrie Irving balling on the court with his brightly colored signature shoes to the wild color ways of the Reebok Classic Leather Altered, sneaker designers want to present the market with something new and original.

The bland styles of the classic brown, black-and-white shoes no longer interest most Sneakerheads. The community wants to show-out with shoes never-before seen. Bulky Shoes are back.

Though we all thought the days of “Dad Shoes” are over, they are soon becoming a collectable feature in modern shoe designs. With the forerunning style of the Yeezy, Boost 700s, the trend was quickly revitalized. As we continue to see this style fading back in, brands like Reebok and Puma are embracing it with models such as the PUMA RS-X. Even a novice Sneakerhead can notice this trend when browsing in a local shoe store. You may have to apologize to you father because the Dad trend is back!

The resale market will be bigger than ever.

With the innovation of sites like StockX and, the resale market has skyrocketed into a legitimate business model. No longer are the days of solely selling at meetups and on ebay, these websites help facilitate the exchange of coveted, high price sneakers online by accepting payment, giving support to buyers/sellers and even making sure that the shoes are authentic before being shipped to the end customer.

Even sneaker giants like have been investing the 3rd party sneaker market. Recently, Footlocker invested a whopping $100 Million Dollars into to build the resale technology. This proves that the future of sneaker culture is no longer in you local, run down mall but rather in stand-alone stores and online digital shopping experiences.

With all of these predictions and new tech emerging, it cannot be debated that the sneaker world is here to stay and is pushing the limits of footwear, as we know it.