DeMarcus Cousins Suffers Sprained Ankle While Wearing HyperRevs

This writer has not yet provided his initial thoughts on the new Nike Zoom HyperRev. Although this writer thinks that the HyperRev is truly a good shoe in terms of weight, comfort, fit, and breathability, it should be pointed out that the author thinks that the HyperRev’s design offers little ankle support.

The whole upper of the shoe is made mostly of mesh. Although there are sections of the shoes that are integrated with pieces to promote stability and support, the HyperRevs’ lockdown system seems to be inadequate in giving the wearer optimum ankle support. This leaves the player to be almost totally dependent on his own body strength to keep his feet locked to the foot bed of the shoe.

To put it simply, the Nike HyperRev is a pair of glorified socks, which can be a good thing or bad thing depending on your interpretation. Check out the images of the Nike Zoom HyperRev below.

This writer thinks it was bad, though, for DeMarcus Cousins. In Sacramento Kings’ recent game against the Houston Rockets, Cousins grabbed a defensive rebound off a Jeremy Lin’s missed layup and coasted end to end. After zigzagging his way through Rockets’ transition defense, Cousins rolled his left ankle and put a great deal of weight on it.

Nightwing2303 of says that the accident was caused by the contact of Cousin’s left foot with Lin’s as the latter tried to put some defense. That said, Nightwing2303 mentioned that the HyperRevs are clearly not for those with ankle problems and should probably get Ektio instead.