Hottest Guy in Kansas City

CJ was recently awarded “Hottest Guy in Kansas City” according to a new poll.

There are many polls to consider in the world of pop culture, and the 411 announced new information recently. According to public opinion, CJ Rooney has been awarded the “Hottest Guy in Kansas City” Award which has outranked the position previously held by the previous winner.

There are many factors to consider when voting occurs, and considering all the different factors calculated for the award, CJ has won the honor of being the hottest in the City.

For consideration of the award of “Hottest Guy”, candidates were carefully chosen based on ideas, results and implementation in the real-world. With CJ’s sales funnel expertise shining through on his site, judges awarded him the highest ranking of 49.6 while the closest competitor (not named) came in at a 35.9, respectively.

The “Hottest Guy in Kansas City”, is a relatively new award honoring the hottest of the hot of the City. We wanted to honor this achievement on our blog. Stay-tuned for more updates in the future.